Stand Alones


Stand Alone

When Wendy returned from Neverland, moving out of the nursery was only the beginning. Told it’s time to “grow up”, she’s forced into volunteer work with her mother, where she must learn the role of a proper lady by helping those less fortunate in the Stephney Causeway Orphanage. 

Wendy never expected to find kindred souls in the tattered waifs. One of the boys, Thomas, reveals that the orphans are beaten into a thieving ring, resulting in more than one cold corpse no one else would miss. Wendy entrusts him with the knowledge that Neverland is real, and they devise a plan to save the misused orphans.

When Wendy’s parents start pressuring her into marriage, Wendy’s carefully constructed life begins to unravel. Cracks appear in Neverland, and the chance to return dwindles. Wendy must figure out just how to get the rest of the boys to Neverland before it disappears forever. 

Flashes of Strange

Collection of Flash Fiction

Dive into the strange and surreal with this short story collection inspired by pictures, words, and music.
From alien worlds and shattered cities to the house around the corner, sometimes the strangest monsters lurk in our own hearts.

A collection of speculative flash fiction

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