By K.T. Hanna


Never Ever Neverland

When Wendy returned from Neverland, moving out of the nursery was only the beginning. Told it’s time to “grow up”, she’s forced into volunteer work with her mother, where she must learn the role of a proper lady by helping those less fortunate in the Stephney Causeway Orphanage. 

Wendy never expected to find kindred souls in the tattered waifs. One of the boys, Thomas, reveals that the orphans are beaten into a thieving ring, resulting in more than one cold corpse no one else would miss. Wendy entrusts him with the knowledge that Neverland is real, and they devise a plan to save the misused orphans.

When Wendy’s parents start pressuring her into marriage, Wendy’s carefully constructed life begins to unravel. Cracks appear in Neverland, and the chance to return dwindles. Wendy must figure out just how to get the rest of the boys to Neverland before it disappears forever. 

By K.T. Hanna


Somnia Online Book Four

Murmur and Fable are left reeling after Somnia’s servers crash, and nothing is quite the same. Even as they challenge new dungeons, Murmur is haunted by an old enemy who seeks to take her down a dark path.

Meanwhile, Laria and Shayla struggle to hide Wren’s prolonged immersion in the game from coworkers and sponsors alike, forcing them to seek out unlikely allies.

As more people are made aware of Wren’s predicament, freeing her from Somnia becomes even more crucial. But it seems the game has other plans for her, and not even the AIs know what they are.




By K.T. Hanna


Somnia Online Book Three

Discover the class you were born to play.

Somnia is evolving, and Murmur is confronted with enemies both old and new. She must lead her guild, Fable, through a dungeon filled with riddles and puzzles to claim the first of twelve keys required to achieve victory. But things are not as they seem: glitches abound, enemies rally against Fable, and unexpected threats move in the shadows.

As the system becomes increasingly complex, Laria and Shayla battle through mismatched coding, and Storm Corp discovers they’ve left some anomalies in the game out of their reports. Anomalies like Wren. With the report deadline looming, and errors riddling the system, Laria’s house of cards is about to come crashing down.

By K.T. Hanna


Somnia Online Book Two

As Murmur reels in the wake of the secret her friends tried to keep, her grip on what is real and what is virtual begins to slip. What’s more, she’s no longer sure who she can trust.

Stalked across the continent by a rogue with a vendetta, Murmur is forced to dig deep and develop her abilities before she finds a knife in her back.

Suspicion surrounds the AIs as well. Their behaviors are too human, their reports too perfect. Shayla and Laria must uncover the truth before the system raises concerns and Murmur is lost forever.




By K.T. Hanna


Somnia Online Book One

Discover the class you were born to play.

Wren, a seasoned healer, is dismayed when Somnia Online automatically assigns her character, Murmur, to the Enchanter class. Determined to overcome the unexpected setback, she assembles her guild, intent on the coveted #1 spot. Twelve keys stand between her and victory, but finding them is only part of the puzzle.

Armed with telepathic abilities, Murmur rises to the challenge. However, old rivals have followed her to Somnia Online desperate for revenge. Intricate quest lines become more dangerous as NPCs absorb powerful artifacts, and Murmur begins to wonder just what sort of AI controls the world. 

Murmur questions her sanity as the real and virtual worlds mesh together. Everyone is keeping secrets from her, even the AI, and Murmur’s determined to uncover them.


K.T. Hanna

K.T. Hanna has such a love for words, a single one can spark entire worlds.

Born in Australia, she met her husband in a computer game, moved to the U.S.A. and went into culture shock. Bonus? Not as many creatures specifically designed to kill you.

K.T. creates science-fiction, fantasy, and LitRPG like it’s going out of style, with a dash of horror for fun! She freelance edits for Chimera Editing, plays computer games, and chases her daughter, husband, corgis, cats, and snake.

No, she doesn’t sleep. She is entirely powered by the number 2, caffeine, Chipotle, and sarcasm.

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