By K.T. Hanna


Last Chance: Book One

Not even death can kill you…

Dare should be dead.

You don’t get hit by a high voltage power line in a freak accident and live. Unless the Second Chance program wants you for its own ends, that is. A second life, one last chance, but at the cost of serving an aeons old system that protects humanity… even from itself.

The tasks Dare is assigned seem harmless at first, but as the missions progress, things seem off. There are creatures the system can’t see, plans that go awry. Too many people Dare knows are involved already, a coincidence Dare can’t help but wonder at. The system’s motives are unclear, it doesn’t like to be questioned, and it won’t tolerate being disobeyed. SC can terminate the contract, and Dare’s life with it, at its discretion.

Dare’s only chance at life is to follow where the tasks lead, no matter the cost.



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