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K.T. Hanna has a bit of a problem. Every time she hears a song, or even just a single word, she’s in danger of sparking off an entire world’s worth of stories.

Born in Australia, she met her husband in Everquest 2 way back in 2005 when it was still really dodgy to meet your partner in an online environment. Multiple trips back and forth and they finally decided to tie the knot. She packed up her shit into a couple of suitcases and moved to the U.S.A. and went into culture shock. At least there aren’t as many creatures out here that can kill you.

K.T’s been writing since she can remember. Her first piece was called Ghostly Deluge when she was eight years old, and her teachers were a bit worried about her because she killed a character. But you know, ghosts and all. However, she’s doing quite well now, killing people only in video games and lots of fiction.

She’s the author of The Domino Project, a science fiction trilogy set 350 years in the future. If you like the idea of alien & human hybrids, and psionics — then you might like this.

Why psionics? Well, yes. This is a bit of a common theme for her. For most of her MMO career, she played an enchanter type class. In fact, she was a coercer when she met her husband. Most games no longer have mind controlling classes, which is part of the main reason she ended up writing Somnia Online.

She spends her minimal free time chasing around after her husband, her daughter, two cats, two corgis, and snake.

No, she doesn’t sleep. She is entirely powered by the number 2, caffeine, Chipotle, and sarcasm.

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