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K.T. Hanna is an Australian expat whose husband whisked her from Oz to live in Kansas (It’s a long story involving an MMORPG, a few flights and a beautiful ring leading to a long and involved legal process with a happy wedding ending). They have an adorable little girl, two loving corgis, and a psychotic cat.

K.T. is a binge writer. She doesn’t hold to the practice of writing daily, but of doing something writing related daily. Mainly because she tears through whatever she does with a maniac and compulsive focus. Binge write, reader, editor, tv series marathoner, chocolate eater…

She loves to encourage other writers, because while the process is lonely – you don’t have to be alone through it. To that end, she started #writemotivation on twitter, to help cheer her friends and anyone else through the trials of writing.

Dictionaries are K.T.’s nemesis as singular words inspire plot bunnies. She writes science fiction, fantasy and horror for MG, YA and adult.

You can also find her over on OurWriteMind.com with two of her critique partners. Every month brings a new prompt with three new, free stories for your enjoyment.

Her novel writing exploits are represented by Bree Ogden of D4EO Literary Agency.

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Writemotivation Twitter

Writemotivation Google+

OurWriteMind – prompt fiction

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