In the aftermath – #PitchMadness Slush

In March 2012 I entered the first #PitchMadness as a bright eyed and bushy tailed hopeful. I got very lucky, met amazing people, had requests, and got signed. Since then, I’ve helped pay it forward every year, every #PitchMadness. Including this year that makes...

It’s all so subjective

Back in my day… When I first started hanging around twitter… Let’s try this again. Back in 2011, I stumbled across Twitter and found Rachel Harrie’s Writer’s Campaign. It was amazing. I met so many people, people I still talk to. In 2012,...

#PitchMadness is Coming Soon

So, if you’ve not lived under a rock whilst being on twitter for the last while,  you’ll know all about Brenda Drake and her fantabulous giving spirit. In 2012 I was lucky enough to be a part of the very first PitchMadness – Poker edition. Truly, I...


K.T. writes and reads all types of speculative fiction, loves nail-biting thrillers, and curling up with a good paranormal novel. In 2012 she participated in the inaugural #PitchMadness, and has been slush diving with glee for every #PitchMadness since. This love of finding hidden slush gems as well as a turn as a #PitchWars mentor led her to seek to refine her skills further. She’s been a New York City Agency intern since mid 2014, ecstatically devouring manuscripts and filling in reader reports.

Originally from Australia, where she studied law, business, and psychology, K.T. now lives in Kansas with her husband, daughter, corgi and cat. She’s lived on three continents and is bilingual in German. After seven years as a Human Resources Manager, she’s turned her critical eye and organizational skills to become one half of Chimera Editorial Services.

Note: She is still searching for her Tardis.