I am so excited to share this with everyone! My friend Bonnie Price has an amazing debut out! Look at this cover!!! Read this blurb! YOU WANT THIS BOOK! Also, I have a snippet for you all!

Their world is broken and so are they.

Arianna is an outcast. Her affinity for darkness terrifies those around her. Haunted by dreams of another time, she doubts if she even belongs among her people. Rather than dwell on fragments of a forgotten past, she dedicates herself to protecting her twin brother and their people from the monsters beyond the city walls.

The God of Balance, Nalithor, was born a Devillian prince. Twisted monstrosities and unhinged deities are a threat to the world’s mortals. His duty is to restore order, yet his superiors block every move he makes.

In order to salvage their world, Arianna and Nalithor must overcome their foes. However, they must put themselves back together first…or Avrirsa will fall.

Awesome, right? Here, have a little taste of the story!

“Get back!” I roared at the Vorpmasian soldiers. Darkness rippled around me and then solidified to form plate armor and a pair of bladed gauntlets. “Their spines are venomous—stay out of reach of their tails!”

I ignored the soldier’s startled looks and leapt into the air to grab the arm of one of the massive monsters. My clawed gauntlet pierced the beast’s flesh with a sickening squelch that was soon drowned out by the creature’s snarl of pain.

Shadows whirled down my other arm, turning the beast’s snarls into shrill screams. The beast I had latched onto tried to grab me but its other arms were too short to reach. Before it could try to shake me off, I plunged my darkness through the creature’s shoulder and severed its arm from its body.

“Ma’am?!” a Vorpmasian soldier yelped, looking from me to the fountaining blood and back as I landed into a crouch near him and his men.

“Arianna will suffice.” I grinned and then turned to look at the beast, watching its attempts at nursing the gaping wound. Shrugging, I turned to look at the soldier. “I’m the X’shmiran Umbral Mage—Lyur’zi—whatever you want to call me. Our beasts are rather susceptible to darkness. If you have any Shadow or Umbral Mages among your ranks, soldier, you should direct them to fight.

“I’ll finish this one. I assume your mages can destroy the second?”

The soldier had a dumbfounded expression on his face as he nodded his confirmation. It was enough acknowledgment for me, so I leapt for the wounded beast again. My bladed gauntlets and darkness tore through the creature with ease, tearing off chunk after chunk of flesh.

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