2016 is here. Another Olympic year. Which, for me, is awesome because I love the Olympics. This year will also mean an age milestone for myself, and as I look back, I’m not where I wanted to be. In fact, I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be.

But where I am is still a good place, just a different good than I’d anticipated/dreamed of/worked toward.

I’m very lucky to have transferred servers when I did back in 2005 and to have met my husband. To put it in perspective for people: For us to meet, he had to transfer from his original server to end up on the one we met on, to play in the same guild that I transferred to. He had done so a few weeks earlier. He is one of the most amazing constants in my life. Supportive, encouraging, and loving.


Together, in 2012, we welcomed our little girl to the world. She is this spark of amazing energy and spirit that brightens every portion of my days.


While my writing career may not be where I wish it was, it’s had a decent start, and I’m determined to work toward making that better. Plus, I love my covers.


I’ve struggled with body image issues for MANY years. People who know me can attest to that. I’ve dieted and lost, stagnated, and given up.

So for 2016, I didn’t want to make resolutions that are really not something I can control.

This year – I will aim to be healthy and fit. I will control what I eat, make it taste terrific, and I will move more. If this results in weightloss then it’s all well and good, but if it doesn’t, then I will know I am fit and I am healthy. Now, I started a couple of weeks before 2016, so I can already say that I have more energy and feel quite good.


On the first day of the year, my darling husband helped me build a treadmill desk (where, incidentally, I walk right now as I type this). Since I have plans to draft a few books this year, this is my way of moving more and reaching my writing goals.


As for writing goals – I have a story to tell, and by gosh, I’m going to tell it. That’s it. Those are my writing goals. To tell the stories I have in my head… which is looking like it’ll be a lot of books, so let’s just start with the initial base for it, eh?

Other than that – I want to allocate my time better so I’m not constantly stressed about deadlines (while self-imposed, these are very important if I want to get my books out when I’ve said I will). This will enable me to spend more time with my husband and daughter. Because ultimately they make me happy, and I love being around them.


And I think I will blog more about my life, and my struggles… because I’m not just Katie the author, I’m not just Katie the mom, I’m Katie – complex superhuman 😉 and I feel like, even if my cat is the only one who reads it (why yes, I do think he can read), it’s important to remind myself that I’m just me and I can’t do everything.


Parasite – The Domino Project #3 releases on February 22nd and is up for preorder now. I have a giveaway running for subscribers to my Newsletter (you can sign up here and enter to win a gorgeous mug and a gift voucher!)

So basically, I’m determined to make 2016 a good year. Hope everyone else’s is amazing too!