It’s like Twenty-Eight Days later, except it’s fifteen days before. So I guess it’s not really like the awesome zombie movie, but you get my point, right?

HYBRID releases in fifteen days. I’m having a little pre-order giveaway, but more about that at the end. I want to talk about the difference between a first and second book – at least how it is for me.

The journey to HYBRID has been a little different than that of Chameleon. Keep in mind I drafted the whole trilogy years ago. But for HYBRID? I had some pretty intense and very deadline dictated revisions (completely self-imposed because I’m a sucker for punishment), and edits to get through. In short – I worked my butt off.


I love this book. It’s a lot darker than Chameleon and deals with self-reliance and self-esteem on top of recovering from trauma and injury. Sai becomes something more than she was, while Bastian is caught in Central alone, and Dom… ah, my Dom. I don’t think anyone realizes how much I love this character. He’s dark, flawed, and complex, and more human than anyone I’ve ever written.

This whole process has been nerve-wracking. People have read the first book, and I want them to love the direction book two takes, too. But the odds of that are so slim. Still, it’s the book I wanted to write, the book I’ve loved to revise, and it’s a book I am genuinely proud of. I truly hope that everyone who read Chameleon enjoys HYBRID as much, if not more.

And if you haven’t yet read Chameleon, there’s still time to do so.

That brings me to the pre-order giveaway!

If you email me proof of your HYBRID pre-order to kthannaauthor@gmail.com I will send you a little swag pack with a bookmark, sticker, magnet, and signed postcard!

Chameleon is available for purchase HERE

HYBRID is available for Pre-order HERE

You can also pre-order a signed copy at Watermark Books!


If you would like to help me spread the word on release day, I’m still taking sign ups.