My dear friend Emmie Mears RAMPANT releases TODAY! It’s the second book in the SHRIKE series.


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Gwen Maule is Edinburgh’s hero. She’s got a new job for a boss she actually likes, and by night as Shrike she singlehandedly keeps her city’s crime rate at an all time low. But now Rosamund Granger has escaped custody and is killing people across Scotland. Desperately trying to get ahead of the murders, Gwen discovers that Britannia are not as gone as she hoped — and their newest plan will soak the earth in blood.

About Emmie:

Emmie Mears is an author, actor, and person of fannish pursuits. Born in Texas, the Lone Star state quickly spit her out after a measly three months, and over eight states and three different countries, Emmie became a proper vagabond. She speaks four languages and holds a degree in history. She writes science fiction and fantasy and loves to weave in sociological and psychological threads through her novels…which was probably not what her university professors had in mind for using her degree. Emmie is the head of a pride of cats in the suburbs of DC, and she’s pretty sure at least one of them thinks she’s its mother. Slightly obsessed with Buffy and Supernatural, Emmie haunts the convention circuits and joins in when she can on panels and general tomfoolery. She is the author of SHRIKE: THE MASKED SONGBIRD (2014), STORM IN A TEACUP (2015), and ANY PORT IN A STORM (2015). Emmie is open to bribery in the form of sushi and bubble tea.

Emmie may or may not secretly be a car.

You can find Emmie on Twitter

If you haven’t read THE MASKED SONGBIRD, you should do that.

or even the 1.5

Her other books can be found here too!