I’m so excited for my friend Emma Adams! It’s her release day today, for part of the Alliance Series: Delinquent!
It’s release day for Delinquent: An Alliance Novella, a prequel to the universe-hopping urban fantasy Alliance series.
Nineteen-year-old Kay Walker seems to have it all, including an assured future with the Alliance after he graduates from the prestigious Academy. But when he and his friends discover the lure of the Passages, the place between the worlds where monsters hide, they’re caught up in a contest with rival student Aric – which soon escalates into a deadly game.
A perfect life hides lies, and Kay becomes a target for alluring yet deadly magic he has no way of understanding. Magic is a force on its own, and on no one’s side…

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Start the series from the beginning with Adamant (Alliance, #1)!

Adamant is the first in the world-hopping urban fantasy Alliance

Ada Fletcher is twenty-one, keeps a collection of knives in her room, and lives under the Alliance’s radar in London, risking her life to smuggle people away from a devastating magical war on her homeworld to hide on the low-magic Earth. Being arrested wasn’t on her plan, nor was being accused of a murder she had nothing to do with. But when a simple delivery goes wrong and she’s taken into custody by the Alliance, her unusual magic makes her a prime suspect for a supervisor’s suspicious death.

Kay Walker, grandson of the Alliance’s late founder, expects to spend his first week as an Alliance employee chasing monsters out of the dark Passages between worlds, not solving a murder. But it’s clear the strange, fierce young woman he arrested in the Passages stole something highly dangerous from the Alliance – and the closer he gets to the truth, the higher the body count rises.


The last thing Ada wants is to help the infuriating Alliance guard who arrested her, but it soon becomes clear that the Alliance knows too much about Ada’s magic. More, in fact, than she knows herself. Now she has to choose between loyalty to her family, and helping the Alliance save the Earth – and the Multiverse – from a deadly enemy.

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What reviewers are saying

“The world building is magical. Even though we only get a hint of what’s out there, I am already in love with this world.” – Lola at Lola’s Reviews

“…the beginning of a potentially brilliant and addictive series” – Jeanz Book Reviews

“Adams delivers high suspense throughout the whole book and manages to get you emotionally attached to the main characters which keeps you worried at every twist and turn. I basically flew through the action-packed story with its monsters and magic.” – Goodreads reviewer

“Adamant is a fantastic start to a fun, adventurous and super cool series… a world so well written and brought to life you can totally lose yourself in it… Can’t praise it enough!” – Alisha at Reality’s A Bore.

Emma spent her childhood creating imaginary worlds to compensate for a disappointingly average reality, so it was probably inevitable that she ended up writing speculative fiction with magic and monsters. She lives in the middle of England, but dreams of exploring the Multiverse. When she’s not immersed in her own fictional worlds, Emma works as a freelance editor and proofreader and reads an improbable number of books.

Emma is the author of various fantasy novels, including the universe-hopping urban fantasy Alliance series and the YA paranormal Darkworld series.

You can visit www.emmaladams.com to find out more about Emma’s books, or subscribe to her newsletter (smarturl.it/ELAnewsletter) to get a free Alliance short story and monthly updates on upcoming releases.

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