I’m a little late this week, but the awesome thing is, I have a great reason why.

I got to mark more off my list!

1. Finalize SWAG for release DONE!

2. Finalize details for proof of preorder giveaway DONE!

3. Finalize the physical copy preorder details – Done! It can be pre-ordered HERE

4. Finish edits on TDP 2 – DONE!

5. Finalize blogging options for release – In the process of!

6. Finalize the release week blitz schedule – DONE!

7. Maintain blog schedule/Writemotivation schedule – YES! In the process of

8. Breathe – wait, what? *collapses*

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. But the month is drawing to a close and I need to find a time turner stat! Anyone? Please?

Time has such a horrible way of running out lol

How is everyone else doing?