We got a nice surprise last week – unexpected, but ultimately nice. My father-in-law arranged for us to get a new Corgi puppy.

On Sunday we all piled into the car, and drove for an hour to go and get him.

Meet Sammy! The new addition to our family.

Kami pup 1

He is this adorable little thing. His personality is sweet and eager and we just adore him. He’s setting line quite nicely.

tummy rubs pup stalk pup camo

He gets on well with Kira, Kami loves him, but Winchester is very unsure of him. I think it’ll take Kitty a while longer to adapt to our new addition, but that’s ok.

This means a few sleepless weeks for me – but hey, I’m up to a challenge, right? Now I just need to get ready for release, finish edits on book two, start organizing for book two’s launch, finish my pitchwars bio, read all my pitchwars entries, do all my intern and editing work, and crate train the new puppy…

What an exciting (read: exhausting) few months this will be. I got this!