The life of a writer might sound dull to some people. You know, those who don’t write. You get your idea, go through your process to turn it into a draft, let it sit for a while, edit it – then we send it off to betas and cps, get it back, edit it – might have a second round of readers and have to edit it again… and then polish it, proof it…

Then you go through it all again.

And you know what – we can’t help it, because it’s a part of us, and it’s worth it.

Extra worth it especially when a writer you really admire gives you a blurb for your book!

“Wow! A fast-paced, science fiction delight with fabulous action, a seamless world, and the most unique characters I’ve read in a long time.” — Elana Johnson, author of the Possession novels.

I can’t even explain how happy this makes me! It also really helped give that extra boost I needed to go through Chameleon for the 3984029th (final) time.

I just got done with my final proof of Chameleon (and I swear if it has typos, I’m going scream, but I’m going cross-eyed from trying to find them). But wait there’s more! I now have to edit book 2! Yes, you read that right. Book 2 – Hybrid, is due to release in November, so I’m in full swing for those edits too.

Add to that, I have my preorder giveaway going on. And I’ve just started a two week giveaway on Goodreads with a chance to win one of two signed paperbacks.

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Chameleon by K.T. Hanna


by K.T. Hanna

Giveaway ends July 29, 2015.

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Now I really need to sort my #PitchWars bio out, because those damned gifs, are not cooperating.


How is everyone else doing?