So my June actually turned out about 75% complete, which I consider quite amazing. I had my parents visiting and there were just some things that couldn’t be done, because 8700 miles is a hell of a way to travel and never see your daughter. Plus, I liked spending evenings with them. So, you know, worth it all round.

I have a lot to do in July, but quite a bit of it has already been completed.

July – you are MINE!



1. Get interior design and formatting finalized DONE
2. Put book up for preorder DONE
3. Write some of the blog tour posts Yeah… not yet
4. Organize the cover reveal DONE
5. Get first pass edits finished on TDP 2 Not Happening – not finished anyway. Started though
6. Send TDP to readers DONE
7. Blog once a week DONE
8. Order SWAG DONE



1. Finalize SWAG for release – almost done!
2. Finalize details for proof of preorder giveaway DONE!
3. Finalize the physical copy preorder details – almost done!!!
4. Finish edits on TDP 2 … BUELLER?
5. Finalize blogging options for release – in the process of
6. Finalize the release week blitz schedule – in the process of
7. Maintain blog schedule/Writemotivation schedule – ALWAYS
8. Breathe – huh what? *collapses*


How is everyone else doing?