Writemotivation sign ups will stop at the end of the week, at which point I’ll plead with Andrew to help me get the site back up to date.

In the meantime, here’s a link to everyone’s blogs, and their goals, so you can hop around and cheer people on. I’ll have the complete list up (With Twitter links and good news) and running on the site by Friday night (at least I hope to), or else I’ll make sure to do a full post including all the goals right here.

If you’ve yet to sign up and would like a little accountability or just some camaraderie, then we’d love for you to fill out the form. 

Name Website June 2015 Goals
K.T. Hanna http://kthanna.com 1. Get interior design and formatting finalized
2. Put book up for preorder
3. Write some of the blog tour posts
4. Organize the cover reveal
5. Get first pass edits finished on TDP 2
6. Send TDP to readers
7. Blog once a week
8. Order SWAG
Rebecca Enzor http://rebeccaenzor.com 1) Finish fourth draft of StO. Search for problem words.
2) Swim twice a week.
Andrew Patterson www.dyadicechoes.com 1) Keep up with Grad School reading/homework
2) Write on PR daily
3) Try to come up with better goals
Jami Nord jaminord.wordpress.com 1. Keep up on Intern stuff
2. Whatever KT needs me to do for TDP prerelease stuff
3. Close pass on 2
4. Big Picture on 3.
Rebecca Wells http://www.rebeccawellswrites.com 1. Finish my book’s revision and send it to my agent.
– In support of the above…
2. Write every day.
3. Hit 20,000 words revised per week.
helen www.helenjameson.wordpress.com 1.Complete 4th edit of wip
2.Sign up for marketing webinar & 1 other class
3.Compile agent list for ODS &MF
4.Query Creston books about pic book
Patricia Lynne http://www.patricialynne.com 1)Get Path of Angels #4 edited and ready for publishing in July
2)Pick a YA story to start editing
3)Finish writing second part of alien abduction story
4)Keep up on GR reading challenge–finish last Love at Stake book *sadface*
5)Write Friday Quick Fic for July
Amy Fahrer http://amyfahrer.WordPress.com 1. Revision: 25 hours of revision work on PQ (yep, still working on that one)
2. Outline FBK story in prep for July Camp NaNoWriMo
3. Reading: Read 10 books, at least 2 non-fiction
4. Blogs: Get through the A to Z posts I missed in April. (Stupid bronchitis.)

Please make sure to encourage people you think could use some cheerleading to sign up. Looking forward to an amazing June!