So basically, I reworked my site (you know, because I’ve had so much free time lately), and now the #Writemotivation tab is set up with the last few Writemotivation posts and a listing of everyone’s goals, contacts, and news! I think I need to do some tweaks, because I’m not the best at html coding apparently, but I’ll get there 😉

In case you missed it, I also revealed my cover last Friday. I still have a giveaway going for Amazon e-cards, so make sure to pop by and enter!

Anyhu! Here are my goals and how I’m doing!

1. Get interior design and formatting finalized IN PROCESS
2. Put book up for preorder DONE
3. Write some of the blog tour posts Yeah… not yet
4. Organize the cover reveal DONE
5. Get first pass edits finished on TDP 2 Whoops
6. Send TDP to readers Next week
7. Blog once a week IN PROCESS
8. Order SWAG Next Week!

Eeep I thought I’d finished and scheduled this for today – but apparently not!

Better late than never. I will give a shout out to everyone on twitter. You’ve got this! And I’ll have the sign up for July up by the end of the week!