Hi everyone! Not sure about you, but I could do with some goal setting, a little accountability, and some good old fashioned cheering on!

For at least the next nine months I’ve set some pretty hefty personal deadlines. A lot of these are writing related, and so I need to up my game and attack them. I’ve always worked best when cheering others on, because a sense of so many others being in the same boat and wanting to meet their goals is a fantastic thing.

The site isn’t back up and running again, but we are taking sign ups for June goals for the next few days, even though June starts today. Feel free to sign up and make a social media post, or a blog post on Wednesdays to see how you’re going with your goals and where you are with them for the month!

Also – tomorrow (Tuesday June 2nd), I will be sending out my first Newsletter! Make sure you sign up for it if you haven’t already and you’ll get to see an exclusive Newsletter excerpt from Chameleon (The Domino Project #1).

Here is to a fantastic June, and a great and turned around 2015! Come join me!