AKA: How I realized I’m actually a crazy cat lady.

See – this weekend I had the best time. I went to Oklahoma City with one of my best friends Heather Cashman for the OWFI 2015 conference.

I finally got to meet Brenda Drake, L.L. McKiney,  and Trisha Leigh, and caught up with Sarah Henning. It was fantastic to meet and hang out with Brent Taylor, Melissa Nasson, Natasha Hanover, and Dawn Allen.



These people have a wealth of knowledge between them, and are some of the kindest loveliest people you’ll ever meet. Generous with their time and expertise – it made for the best conference I’ve attended to date.

And I know, right? Those are actual pictures of me too. Don’t worry, that won’t happen too often.

So OWFI 2015 was fantastic. But now I’ll get to the serious information that I’m sure everyone is dying to hear – how did I find out that I’m actually a crazy cat lady?

This was the first time I’ve left my daughter over night. She got to facetime with me, and that was great. Things were going well and she was dealing. Her grandmother helped my husband out with her, and it was all pretty great.

But you see, I forgot about the cat.

To rewind, my cat is pretty attached to me. He was a rescue, and has been my little baby ever since the first night we brought him home. His sleeping place is the crook of my knees.

And I wasn’t here.

So he terrorized my husband and daughter, woke the little up at 2:30, and she didn’t go back to sleep until 5am… threw up all over the dining room because he got all stressed.

This is how I found out that I am actually a crazy cat lady – and by crazy cat, I mean I literally have a crazy cat. He hasn’t left my side since I got home.

He’s really quite adorable.

And May the Fourth be with you