I went to Disney World for the first time ever last week. My lovely mother-in-law treated my little family. It was a  beautiful time, an amazing and unforgettable trip.

Naturally, with a book release coming up in August, I decided – Hey! I’ll take my laptop with me and get some much needed work in after the baby goes to sleep.


Did I mention HAHAHAHAHA?

You see, they had fireworks and amazing things that meant the toddler didn’t fall into bed until well after 10pm. She also napped during the day, which is virtually unheard of. Needless to say, I got absolutely no work done at all. But I did have an amazing time and am already plotting a trip back.


The trip back was not a happy one. Our plane was on time leaving Florida, but had to circumvent some bad high spiraling weather in order to get to Dallas. Still, we landed with 35 minutes to spare… only 17 left by the time we all shuffled out of the airplane. The six of us in our party raced out (I carried my sleeping toddler), and got to our gate probably within about 8 minutes. Two people from our plane (who were ahead of us in rows) were already there, still panting from the run, and the door was already closed.

Now I get that they can’t just hold the plane for anyone. But this was a tiny 4 seats per row plane. Which means that with our 6 people and the other 2, there were two full rows of seats. Since it was the same airline, and we already had our boarding passes, they knew we were coming. That we had already landed. And while people might say – oh they couldn’t have kept it open… I know full well that since they always overbook these days – they gave our seats away and probably a couple to standby so they COULDN’T hold it for us. That plan sat on the tarmac for another 20 minutes while we tried to sort something out.

Anyhu – with six people in our party, you can imagine finding us another flight was virtually impossible. So we rented a minivan and drove home. Got in about 9:30 last night…


The good thing was? It ended up being a bit of an adventure and a lot of fun. So all in all? The vacation ended on a positive note, and I will never fly American again.

Now I have to dash and do all that cool panicking stuff.