This is very true of everything. How many times do you, or someone you know, mutter the excuse: I don’t have the time?

In light of recent events, I sincerely believe we have to make the most of our time. Not tomorrow, next month, or sometime next year.

Right now.

It’s especially true of writing. Because that’s what writing takes. It takes perseverance, guts, ideas, and a bucketload of time dedicated to making it work. Making it work entails, draft after draft, edit after edit — until that bloody thing shines as brightly as you can make it.

And then, it’ll probably need another round of edits, just to make sure.

While some people always want to be a writer, but don’t have the time for it, others sacrifice sleep, outings, food, or a portion of sanity to make the time they need to pursue their dream.

Okay, let’s face it, most of us sacrifice a portion of our sanity anyway.

I digress. The point is, that if you aren’t willing to figure out how to make the time, then the odds are that you either don’t want it enough, or aren’t quite ready to want it that much. Time is constant. It’s always there, ticking down, counting like a pendulum about to cut that rope. You can’t adjust it, because only the Doctor has a Tardis on tap. And you can’t increase it.

The only way you can do it, is to manage your time. Simple, right?

Not so much, because life has this awful way of happening to us. But regardless of this, if you seriously want to write you will make time.

You’ll make time because otherwise that whole talking to yourself might get you locked up.

You’ll make time because otherwise those stories will keep you up every night shouting at you anyway.

You’ll make time because you can’t not

And really, you’ll make time because you owe it to yourself to get those words out, to get that story down, and be the writer you want to be.

So, whether it’s 10 minutes a day you manage to squeeze in before bed, or it’s ten hours a day you have to sit your butt in a chair and hammer out words because you have deadlines and overlords and must write all the words before sundown lest they steal your cat…


You are a writer. Time is there. Make it work with you.