So, if you’ve not lived under a rock whilst being on twitter for the last while,  you’ll know all about Brenda Drake and her fantabulous giving spirit. In 2012 I was lucky enough to be a part of the very first PitchMadness – Poker edition. Truly, I lucked into it. And found my very first agent.

Not only did I meet my agent, but many other agents, and oh so many writers. I still follow those I met, and talk to a lot of them. The thing about these contests is the ability to pay it forward. No matter where you are in your career, the camaraderie you find in these contests is amazing.

Since then, I’ve helped out every year as a reader, and I always make some observations afterward. This time around I thought I’d link to a couple of my previous posts and let you all draw your own conclusions.

A few things I want to remind people of is:

  1. Always remember to do your research on the agents who are participating. A contest is fun, but make sure there’s at least one agent you’re excited about in there.
  2. If you participate in the #pitmad while all the #PitchMadness hullabaloo is going on – make sure to research those agents/editors requesting. Be positive that you are comfortable with sending to those who request – failing that, with an agent over a publisher or a publisher over an agent.
  3. Remember – you don’t have to send requested work just because someone requests it. Don’t waste your or their time on something you have no intention of following through on.
  4. If you don’t get picked, or if you do and you don’t receive any requests – don’t despair! There is always the tried and true query route.
  5. But DO treasure the friends you make, because as long as you participate in that hashtag, you will find them.

Previous PitchMadness Preparation Thoughts

My 2012 September PitchMadness Observations

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I hope they help! Since life was out of control last year, I will endeavor to do another list this year.

Good luck entrants. I can’t wait to dive into the slush!