There are thousands of blogs out there. Hundreds of thousands, I’m sure. Why on earth would you want to blog? Because sometimes it’s nice to put your thoughts out there.

I remember when I first got my livejournal account, how much I loved being able to just spew words and have them out there regardless of how many eyes ever see them. It’s sort of like writing in a way. We write our stories, we put them out there, and we hope people get to read and enjoy them – but even so, we would still write them if no one saw them.

So that’s my reason for wanting to blog. Because I have all these thoughts that run around in my head and it’s nice to get them out. Not to mention that in the course of getting the words out of my system maybe something I say might help spark something in someone who chances upon it.

There are posts I’ve stumbled across accidentally that have helped me in many ways. Since everyone’s perspectives are different, sometimes the way another person thinks about something can help us in ways we didn’t even realize we needed.

2015 was going to be a fantastic year. Even though it didn’t start out the best, I’m still determined to make that happen. Most of my life revolves around my daughter and all things writing related, and I’m no expert in those areas. Muddling through things is half of the fun, though.

Here’s to a great 2015 – with lots of words, lots of thoughts, and books galore!