This is sort of a PSA.

Take my advice – if you’re going to move house at any time in the future, organize yourself enough that you have no writing scheduled around that move. Because the two of them seriously do not mix.

By the end of a day of packing, I have so few braincells left, that the most I can manage is to listen to an audiobook or else watch some even more mind-numbing television. Both of these options can be a lot of fun, but in all honesty, just try to avoid it.

If you have to write to a deadline – then see if you can either avoid moving around that date, or arrange to finish *gasp* before the deadline so you’re not sobbing into your coffee cup every morning with bags the size of suitcases under your eyes.

I also never realized just how much stuff we’d accumulated now that we have a toddler. There is so much more to move now than there ever has been before. Not to mention my two year old is exceptionally good at unpacking whatever I do pack, so the only way to actually get any progress is to do it when she’s not awake or when someone else can watch her.

Which means most of my writing and editing time has been put on hold for the last ten days. It’s driving me insane.

However the end is in sight! I should be ready to dive back into gear by the end of the month. That’s not too bad, right? RIGHT?

Hope everyone else is having a good 2015 with a little less stress 😉