With the whole moving into a larger house with a testing-the-boundaries toddler in tow, has given me a whole new perspective on knowing my own limits.

For example:

When you’ve known since November that you’re going to close on your old and new houses in mid January, you should probably delay doing a workshop to launch your new business venture. I loved doing Brenda’s workshop, but I really did push myself.

My days were spent packing, and yes my husband helped, but things have to be packed a certain way, in a certain order, in specific boxes with each other or else I get a little… (read very) uncomfortable and panicky. My nights were spent pouring over critiques.

We’ve been in the house several days now, and I’m loving it, but I booked myself solid over this weekend and then I had some intern work pop up. Now please, I adore my internship. I feel like the luckiest person to have it, and the things I learn make me love writing, reading, and polishing edits even more than I already did. But wow, I had completely forgotten to factor in for that.

So, since Thursday I’ve been unpacking like a mad-woman (which also has to be performed in very specific ways), reading, critiquing, interning…and sleeping very little.

The point here might be that you should just never move house. EVER.

But the larger point is to know your limits. Even when you have deadlines, factor in some time to breathe. Even when you’re about to have a panic attack because you just have so much on your plate you’re not sure how you’ll ever survive, factor in time to take a bath. And even when you want to write all the things and time just seems to keep slipping out from under you, make the time to gather yourself, remember the little things, and take it from there.

If we don’t take a step back on a regular basis, gain some perspective, and let ourselves breathe – we will burn out. And if you’re a creative type, you know as well as I do, burning out is the worst feeling. It’s evil.

Shoot it dead with laser-beam eyes.