Nigh is a rather pretty word, don’t you think? I do, so really, everything else is irrelevant lol

Anyway – so the end of June is approaching, and I’m really excited because I’ve had a pretty good month. Got a lot done, have come up with a couple of great plotbunnies (which means I now have even more to do, but still), and I’m excited.

  1. Compile Edit Notes for Done!
  2. Edit D – DONE!
  3. Send D to Bree – DONE and very, very nervous lol
  4. Start in on drafting my Blog series – Just starting it, but that qualifies as DONE!
  5. Plot out secret project – First round done!
  6. Cheer on my fellow #Writemotivationers and others – Been doing
  7. Keep up with Social Media – Think I did this
  8. Keep up the Lore4 Work! – I NEED MORE TIME

So I think the month has gone fairly well. I have to be careful about taking on too much. What with secret project, my innate need to draft and edit at least three books in a year, multiple crit partners & projects, having a toddler, a work from home job – and then everything else. I keep spreading myself far too thin. Sadly, there is only so much time in the days and my bloody Tardis won’t come home.

Overall though, I’m happy with June. July will be better.

How has your month been?

If you need a bit of cheering on feel free to head over to the #Writemotivation sign up.

Here’s to a fantastic July for everyone!