2014 is not being my year. I’m resigned to 2015 being much better, and so, I’m making 2014 my preparation year for 2015

Sound like a plan? I THINK IT DOES

So – then it comes to what I’ve been up to this month. My parents left on June 6th. It’s always a little heartbreaking when they go. I miss them even before we get to the airport. But that’s life living over 8k miles away, and there’s always Skype. Speaking of which, Kami now recognizes them on the computer. It was absolutely adorable.

Now to the writing and the writing todo list.

  1. Compile Edit Notes for D – DONE
  2. Edit D – in the process of
  3. Send D to Bree – obviously can’t do before 2 is done
  4. Start in on drafting my Blog series – yeah so… I WILL START
  5. Plot out secret project – in the process of
  6. Cheer on my fellow #Writemotivationers and others – trying really hard to be active on the hashtag
  7. Keep up with Social Media – I believe I’m succeeding at this
  8. Keep up the Lore4 Work! – just re-kickstarted this

As you can probably see, I’m having quite a good month. Let’s see if I can round up and finish it off in style.

I have a few awesome things on the blog this month. One of them is a guest post by the co-authors of CREED. And next week I have a HUGE surprise I’m excited to share.

There’s a book coming out I’m absolutely excited for too! And I hope to post about it as well. If I can get my act together.

Anyhu – How is June looking for everyone else?