And it has. I can’t believe April is almost over. In fact – I’m in complete denial.

I don’t even remember March, let alone April, although Easter was a lot of fun.

Right. Check in, yes?

My month has taken a bit of a turn. So the things I thought to accomplish, are bigger than I originally intended. This is what happens when I tell myself to take it easy. My brain laughs at me.

  1. Complete Pantheon Tasks on time
  2. Prepare for Parent’s arrival
  3. CP stuff – failing abysmally
  4. Slowly work on AI/D/aWIP – I’m currently drafting D… so does this count?
  5. Work on Writemotivation Site – ARGH – yes, this week. I MUST DO THIS
  6. Be active on Social Media – I do think I’m doing this
  7. CHEER EVERYONE ON – doing much better than I did in March hahaha

Actually – that’s probably not too bad. I’m not sure if I’ll hit everything on that list, but I’m definitely trying and I feel like I’m accomplishing a lot. Perhaps it’s because I’ve shaken most of the blues off and got to the stage of: Damn it, I’m going to write regardless of anything else. Trust me, this is a pivotal thought process.

Anyhu – how are you all doing? Me? I think I’m starting to fall in love with stories again 😀