This month has been hella hectic. We’ve been preparing for my parents’ arrival at the start of May, getting the house ready and all that. Then I’ve been taking baby to babygym (which is awesome by the way) and I’ve had work’s open enrollment for health insurance to take care of.

Then I decided to draft a book I’ve been meaning to draft all year and voila – done.

Take hectic, add a dash of crazy, and here I am at the end of April, with more to show for it than intended.

So it’s time take stock of my month so far, and look to the next.

  1. Complete Pantheon Tasks on time – Done
  2. Prepare for Parent’s arrival – Done
  3. CP stuff – Done
  4. Slowly work on AI/D/aWIP – FINISHED
  5. Work on Writemotivation Site – Done some
  6. Be active on Social Media – much better this last week
  7. CHEER EVERYONE ON – really been trying to do this

So, overall, this month has been a success for me. I’m really happy with it. Stressed, but really happy with it.

I’ll have D off to readers soon, and await the feedback while gnawing my fingernails to the quick. But at least I’ll have my parents around to help me with the whole distraction thing.

I have a few little secret projects in the works so it’s all sorts of fun here.

How did April go for everyone else? What are your plans for May?

Have you signed up and put your goals out there yet?