2014 is not turning out to be my year. Don’t get me wrong – it started with a very productive bang. January was amazing. Loved it. February had family vacations, family loss, which resulted far less productivity than I’m used to.

Cue March and the month of SICK INCARNATE. Baby was a little sick with allergies early on and began to get really sick, starting to run a 102/103 fever. Then my best friend got married and I was a bridesmaid. Lots of fun. And the next day – saw me with a fever of 102 for days, followed by a full week of low grade fever, loss of voice, a trip to the doctor, heaps of medications… and complete loss of productivity.

I’m slowly recovering, but damn, this month has just not been kind to me.

Really hoping that April will be a good month for me. Hoping to get around to everyone’s blogs in the next week at least once. As for my list, I’ll post it here, but it’s pretty much a wash.

  1. Play with Ds outline (to see if I can figure out my problem) – well I figured it out…
  2. Work on Pantheon Lore (SO MUCH FUN) – HAVING A BALL
  3. CP work – did a little, need to do more
  4. Keep up with Social Media – Yeah – not so much
  5. Read a Book – NOPE
  6. Writemotivation stuff – I WILL ACHIEVE THIS
  7. PitchMadness – DONE and was AWESOME

Okay – so that’s me so far.

Hope everyone is having a far better and more productive month than me!

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