February has not been the best month for me.

First up we had lots of packing and arranging and shopping to do so we could go on a family ski vacation. Why no, I don’t ski. I would if snow weren’t involved. See my conundrum?

Anyway – it snowed every single day of our vacation – and while a certain tiny toddler was adorable, we pretty much just stayed in our house. Altitude sickness smacked all of us in the face, and it wasn’t pretty.

Then we got home, to find out that our Great-Gramma was in the ICU. She was transferred to Hospice late Monday afternoon, and passed away quietly while sleeping on Wednesday morning around 9am. We didn’t expect her to be gone so soon. And even though she had a full and beautiful life, it’s hard to let go of someone who influenced so many people in beautiful ways.

Thank you Gramma Wilma – for being there and brightening everyone’s world. You will be missed.


Needless to say, writing hasn’t been the most prominent thing on my mind. I’ve been very stressed, and sad, and snowed in – and none of those are conducive to productivity for me.

I’ll list out my #writemotivation points, just because I need to. Focus – that’s the key.

  1. Finish plotting/outlining D – in the process of
  2. Begin drafting D if possible – end of the month
  3. Make time for potential edits of L/TDP – Already done
  4. Continue CP work (TPR etc) – in the process of
  5. Read at least one book – yeah I’ll get to it
  6. Do OWM piece – This weekend
  7. Keep up with Social Media – not really yet
  8. Visit everyone’s blogs! – I promise the second half will be better

As you can see, I’m not my usual productive self. I promise I will try to get back into cheering mode, and come visit everyone. I hope everyone else is having a much better February. I’m definitely not in the mood for Valentine’s Day on Friday.

How is everyone else doing?