After starting off the year in spectacular fashion in January, I was so set on making February a worthy sequel. After all, it’s the 2nd month and 2 is my FAVOURITE EVER NUMBER! Right?


Seems February was pretty much against me from the beginning. It started out on the right foot, and very quickly devolved into, well, no feet at all and even the hands failed to protect my face from planting it.

So let’s see how I did

  1. Finish plotting/outlining D – yeah – some of this is done, but I think I’m missing something.
  2. Begin drafting D if possible – not happening
  3. Make time for potential edits of L/TDP – did this. I had this done by like the 4th. THE ONE THING I DID.
  4. Continue CP work (TPR etc) – only did a TINY BIT OF THIS. I suck.
  5. Read at least one book –  yeah no- but I read lots of Lore, doesn’t that count? No? drat.
  6. Do OWM piece – OMG IKR!? I did this. I was pretty proud of it to. So there. Go read it and make me feel better about February.
  7. Keep up with Social Media – I tried to cheer people on… abysmal failure here…
  8. Visit everyone’s blogs! – DUDE – I barely visited my own.

On the bright side – I’m helping out with an awesome project for an MMORPG I’m extremely excited for. I’m helping the amazing Vhalen with the Lore of the world. These assignments keep me busy and fascinated, and remind me why I love writing so much. I think, right now, I need that more than anything.

Sometimes we just need to take a step back and remember the small things – like love of creating.

I do have high expectations for myself for March – at least compared to what I managed in February. I’m determined to succeed and cheer everyone on, and I WILL be visiting those blogs.

Don’t forget to sign up for March!

Here are my March goals!

1. Play with Ds outline (to see if I can figure out my problem)
2. Work on Pantheon Lore (SO MUCH FUN)
3. CP work
4. Keep up with Social Media
5. Read a Book
6. Write OWM piece
7. Writemotivation stuff

So – I’m actually being a bit easier on myself this month. I hope I can figure D out. It really needs to be written lol

Anyhu – I really hope lots of people had a far better February than I did. If you did – awesome. If you didn’t – also great – let’s make March pay for February’s general suckiness.