Short and sweet title. The month feels like it flew by. Baby is almost walking solidly by herself. Our house is still getting overhauled but is in the last stages. And I’m still suffering from massive lack of sleep – but let’s not go there, shall we?

Let’s get to the point, shall we?

  1. Finish Edits on L – Done
  2. Send L to agent – Done and received feedback back
  3. Continue research on D – Done and Initially outlined
  4. CP Stuff – Finished 2, in the middle of 1
  5. Read a book – Hey – I didn’t say it had to be published so since I’ve read 3, I’m counting it.
  6. Visit Blogs! – I visited everyone AT LEAST twice 😀 Still working my way through but I did this
  7. Get started on writing process posts – Technically I’ve started this. I have one complete and two others started, but I’m not entirely happy with how little I managed
  8. OWM piece – Done and Done
  9. 5 super secret short story projects – DONE AND DONE

So – technically I’ve done all of my list. I’ve also almost finished the edits my Agent sent me on L. This is a good thing, but won’t be finished until Sunday. CP Stuff is ongoing, so I’ll just continue that into next month like a good multi-tasker. I think I’ll change my Read a book to read a PUBLISHED book… My brain skirts it too easily if it’s not specified.

You will also notice that I added a 9th, because I did manage to get all 5 of those done and I’d like to take a moment to preen about it. Thanks 😀 Not sure when I can announce the super secretness part of it, but I’ll leave it at that for now 😉

Now, incase you haven’t heard me mention it, and let’s face it, if you follow me anywhere, you’re probably sick of the spam – but Brad McQuaid is making the successor to Everquest. I’ll be popping a post up next week on why this is so important to me. Needless to say, if you like the MMORPG genre and a challenging game, go check out his KickStarter and pledge.

Remember to sign up for #Writemotivation February – make sure your goals are realistic for yourself.

YOU CAN DO IT 😀 Because I said so 😉