I know – pretty unoriginal title there, but WE WORK WITH WHAT WE HAVE, right?

This week has been a little slow for me. If you’re not already aware of it, I’m a HUGE MMORPG fan. I met my husband in Everquest 2, I play them until my eyeballs hurt – hell, I’ve even played through Gallstone pain – that’s hardcore lol. But there’s this game seeking kickstarter funding that I practically NEED to get funded. It’s called: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen – If you like MMORPGs that challenge you – GO PLEDGE PLEASE 😀 I will platonically love you forever!

ANYWAY – Let’s get onto the writing part of this, shall we?

  1. Finish Edits on L Yeah yeah DONE DONE
  2. Send L to agent DONE ARGH SO NERVOUS
  3. Continue research on D – Awww yeah pretty much done and almost ready to outline
  4. CP Stuff – YES 2 down 1 to go!
  5. Read a book – *whistles innocently* Do CP books count?
  6. Visit Blogs! I AM DOING THIS
  7. Get started on writing process posts – I have got started – I DID ONE
  8. OurWriteMind post for January – GO HERE – I made it extra special creepy 😉

I’m almost there… ALMOST

That being said – It’s time to sign up for February – or at least get thinking about it.

Head on over to the sign up page and do your most realistic!

I’m hoping to get into a more than once a week blogging schedule come February with my little group of posts. I’ve only got one prepared for now – I’ll try to get a few more under my belt in the next week.

How has your January been? Will you earn that cookie badge?