So we’re almost done with January.

I think I live in constant fear of just how fast 2014 is going to fly by. The fact that publishing is pretty much just a drawn out waiting game – doesn’t help.

So, what to do? Focus on writing more books, researching more potential worlds and trying not to bite my nails to the quick.

My goals as they stand right now:

  1. Finish Edits on L – Done
  2. Send L to agent – Done
  3. Continue research on D – AWWW YEAH DOING AND OMG OMG OMG SO EXCITED (to be fair I didn’t say I had to finish the research)
  4. CP Stuff – 1 down, 1 half done, 1 waiting
  5. Read a book – 2 started
  6. Visit Blogs! – YES and YES – I will keep this up!
  7. Get started on writing process posts – I’ve already started! I’m on a roll
  8. Write OWM piece & pick prompt – Narrowing prompts down and have first draft of my piece done

I kind of cheated I guess, since I said to continue and then to start on something – I’ve not finished those things, but they’re definite works in progress of a continuing nature – so I think that’s a given.

I’ve visited every blog on the #writemotivation Roll Call Page. If you’ve made one or more posts in January – odds are I’ve commented on it/them. If you’ve not updated your blog in a while… I read it, but sort of floundered on what to say.

There’s still two weeks left of the month. I fully plan to finish at least one of the books I’ve started and to finish my two crits. February needs to be pretty much cleared so that I can write D – YAY!

So – how is your January going so far?