It’s that time of year again folks, the time when I bite the bullet and write a ridiculously long todo list – challenging myself to accomplish it by the end of the year.

I think I’ll try and be more realistic in 2014

Or at least, that’s my plan 😉

Writing Goals (subject to PBM – Plotbunny migration)

  • Finish 2nd Pass L edits
  • Send to Bree
  • Beta read for my crit partners
  • Research D
  • Outline/Plot D
  • Draft D
  • Research H
  • Outline/Plot H
  • Draft H
  • Edit D
  • Send D to Bree
  • Edit H Send H to Bree
  • Potentially re-edit TDP
  • Research AI rewrite (Subject to PBM)
  • Plot/Outline AI rewrite
  • Draft AI rewrite
  • Edit AI
  • Send to Bree (PBM)
  • Make sure to get the Blog Post series on my process completed and posted
  • Use OurWriteMind to refine condensing of prose
  • Maintain WriteMotivation
  • Maintain Personal Writing Blog (redesign)
  • Attend at least two Writer’s things (Conference/Workshop/Retreat)
  • Read at least 18 books


Life Goals

  • Maintain my healthy eating habits
  • Exercise more (at all)
  • Develop and maintain Kami’s schedule
  • Stick to our budget
  • Fly the parents over
  • FINALLY Meet Jami & Owen


Internet Related Goals

  • Maintain and develop #Writemotivation site
  • Keep up with #Writemotivation and other Blogs
  • Maintain social media activity
  • Blog at least once weekly

Okay, so that’s me set for 2014. Hoping to reach all of my normal goals and do a clean sweep for the year. We’ll see how that goes, but I plan on helping myself along the way with #WriteMotivation

How about you? What are your resolutions or as I prefer to call them – goals?