I know. It’s already December 9th and this is my first post. I think everyone gets a free pass in December. The month is so hectic even it doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.

Now my fantastic excuse is out of the way – my month has been very hectic. Not that it’s surprising. But what with the Christmas Tree, a precariously standing by herself little one, edits and a whopping new plotbunny that won’t leave me the hell alone – I think I’m slowly losing my mind.

So far, my little goal list isn’t looking too rosy

  1. Edit L – I have started this. Not sure if I’ll finish it December at this rate, but it’ll be ready early January.
  2. Finish Christmas shopping – soooo close to finishing this
  3. Organize Baby’s Christmas – DONE
  4. Get Jan 2014 WM sign up done – Doing this this week.
  5. CP stuff – always an in progress
  6. Brainstorm AI’s new form Changing this to brainstorming D. Because D snuck up and hit me in the back of the head.
  7. Set up at least 3 process posts in advance – yeeeeeaaaahhhh about that
  8. BABEH! – well always 😉

So it’s not looking too terrible.

I think I’m looking forward to 2014. Maybe I can find a better rhythm then. 2013 has been all sorts of disorganized for me. I’m almost dreading taking a look at my new years resolutions from January because I don’t think I got even half of them done haha.

This plotbunny that’s trying to eat my brain alive isn’t exactly new, but the twist it’s taken is. And it won’t let me go. I’m researching it, and thinking about it constantly. I love it, and yet, I keep wondering if it’s going to work in the setting I’m planning to write it… Still not so sure about that. All needs to be plausible you see 😉 Oh well, we’ll see how I go once I start outlining BWAH HAH HAH!

Let’s not talk about the cold. I’m not a cold person and this weather is putting me in a decidedly I-miss-my-sunny-home-town-Christmas mood.


Hope you’re all having a fantastic December so far and that it only gets better.