It’s the end of December, and we all know what that means. I hope you had a Merry Christmas or at least just some good quality time with people you love

Not only have we had a hell of a busy month, but it’s time to look back at the year and see what we accomplished.

Here goes:

Writing Goals (order subject to change due to PlotBunny Migration (PBM))

  • Finish drafting AI 3 (20-25k) Not done
  • Edit AI 1 in full Done! But it sucked
  • Send AI 1 to Agent of Awesome Didn’t realize it sucked until after I sent it
  • Outline Fod
  • Plot Fod
  • Draft Fod People don’t understand how much I love this book
  • Beta SW, PD, TH, BB and anything else my CPs have for me
  • Finish GG Plot/Outline This is now known as L but was accomplished
  • Draft GG
  • Outline Ana – Nope because this idea is shelved in favour of far better ones
  • Plot Ana
  • Draft Ana (or another WIP depending on PBM) – only drafted 30k of an experiment
  • Edit Fod in full (or another WIP depending on PBM)
  • Send drafted WIP to Agent of Awesome Fod sent to my NEW agent of awesome
  • Get my Personal Blog organized and relaunched techncially – but I still don’t like it
  • Attend 2 Writing Conferences – only managed one and we won’t go there


Life Goals

  • Work out a routine with Kami – yeah… kind of
  • Work out a schedule for Kami, Work, Writing (yes, I work from home) – yeah not so much
  • Keep up with my friends – I think so?
  • Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle (food and exercise wise) – started out well, fell off the bandwagon, but am back
  • Ready the House for Sale Sold in 4 days
  • Move if the House Sells moved inside of a month
  • Stick to our budget – yeah… roll on 2014
  • Read more books – about how to get baby to sleep…


Internet Related Goals

  • Launch the new and improved #Writemotivation initiative – actually doing this in 2014. Launched OWM
  • Organize and maintain my Google Reader – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Be more consistent about following Blogs – yyeeeeaaaah I WILL master this
  • Keep up with #Writemotivation – For the most part I think I did
  • Keep up with my internet friends and Writer community – got mucb better in the latter part of the year
  • Create my FB Author Page – no need yet
  • Maintain a blog schedule – I sort of did? But will be more structured in 2014


So I think I actually did pretty well. Wanted to draft 3.5 books, managed 2.5 – about 170k new words. That’s not too horrible.

  • Drafted 2.5 books
  • Edited 3 books (about to finish the first pass draft of L)
  • Launched OurWriteMind with Leigh and Becca
  • Lost and Agent
  • Found an Agent
  • Had awesome plotbunnies emerge
  • Met more fantastic people in the online writing community
  • Still hate my blog design

Overall – I think 2013 was a success. Still having a bit of a messy time with the little, but it’ll even out soon enough.

Hope everyone else had a great 2013. What are your goals for 2014 – I know I’m thinking hard on mine. I’ll have a post up around the new year with my lofty goals once again!

Make sure to check out the new WriteMotivation Site!!!