So, I’m amazed that I’m getting up any post this week, what with attacking #NaNoWriMo like a rabid something or other.

I’m doing well, so far. Should have it finished with plenty of time to spare so I can plan baby’s birthday party and relax for a chunk of the month.

First things first, though. I have to tell you. I was really hoping to use #NaNoWriMo as a distraction tool, and I can tell you that it doesn’t work that way. Because I’m writing, I’m thinking about other writing and thinking about other writing is really counterproductive. So I’m still just as on edge as I was before #NaNoWriMo with the added stress of actually taking part in #NaNoWriMo.

Think on that for a while.


Now – my goals this month weren’t overly reaching. In hindsight, I probably should have added to begin edits and then I’d have been really challenging myself, but with the birthday etc, I’m not sure it would have been a fair challenge. So I’ll leave edits for December 😉

How is everyone else going with #NaNoWriMo if you’re doing it? What are the pros and cons you find in participating? If you’re not participating, then I am so happy I know a sane person or two 😉

I will be catching up on everyone’s posts by the end of the week and try to cheer people along on the hashtag all the time.

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!