November is pretty much over.

I mean, let’s face it, we have a few days left. NaNo is almost done and gone. Remember, writing at all is a great thing. Don’t judge yourself by racing to finish a word count.

Overall, it’s been a productive month for me. Let’s take a quick look at my goals for the month

2. CP Stuffs

I finished NaNoWriMo on the 6th of November. Finished the rest of the draft on the 8th. I’m very happy with this.

However, NaNo has spawned a few of realizations/things for me:

1) When I say not to judge yourself by racing to finish a word count, I mean it. Just because I draft very fast, doesn’t mean I go for lack of quality. The way I write, fits NaNo IF my current plotting actually falls into the month. If not? I don’t care. I won’t try to force something just for the sake of hitting 50k and getting a badge.

2) I’ll be doing a blog series starting in 2014 on my writing process and how I go about plotting, outlining, detailing everything in order to write fast drafts. I know everyone has different methods etc, but I figure if maybe something in what I do can help someone out there – it’s worth it.

3) I have some feedback already on my draft and will be diving into edits come December. I’m actually really looking forward to this. Hoping to have it polished by 2014, but we’ll see how that goes.

I’m not sure whether people were a little worn out with NaNo, but we’re not having a #Writemotivation sign up for December. Instead, I’ll kickstart it again for January, and we can all dive into a new year of cheering each other on and kicking ass together.

I definitely managed quite a bit of CP work. For three of them in fact. So, I’m feeling very accomplished there.

And in the midst of all this, we had baby’s first birthday and party. So, all in all, November was a very productive month for me. Hoping December will be the same.

Now, we’re going into the Christmas month. We’re in the process of sorting out all the gifts for family, and it’s a big family. Then there’s the little things for Baby (let’s face it, she’s one, she’ll play with the boxes and wrapping paper).

Add to that, I fully plan to edit L.

So December is shaping up to be pretty busy for me. I will be doing my own #Writemotivation list. I need to make lists or I slip. Anyone who wants to join me is very welcome to drop a list in the comments.


  1. Edit L
  2. Finish Christmas shopping
  3. Organize Baby’s Christmas
  4. Get Jan 2014 WM sign up done
  5. CP stuff
  6. Brainstorm AI’s new form
  7. Set up at least 3 process posts in advance
  8. BABEH!

So there we go. That’s me for December.

How was your November? What are you doing for Christmas? Are you looking forward to 2014?