It’s a good thing that I finished #NaNoWriMo when I did because I have not had time to look at the file since completing it.

So then there was the birthday party. It was a huge success and a lot of fun. Kami looked adorable in her little Minnie Mouse dress. Although she didn’t sleep well the night before and refused to nap – I think she had a good time 😀



Even though she didn’t seem to like her cake. That’s okay, we polished it off.  More people turned up than I thought were going to be there, so that was nice too 😉

As for the writing front? I’m brainstorming a new twist on an old idea that I didn’t originally execute very well. I think it’ll plan out, but it’ll probably take a few months before I’m ready to dive into it. I mean FOD took around nine months of stewing in my brain to work, so did L… I can’t imagine AI being ready to write for a while 😉

Sometimes I love my process, sometimes I hate it.

This all boils down to my being extremely exhausted. And I’m talking bone-weary and tired. Constantly. I’ll bounce back soon, but right now, all I want to do is sleep. Okay – snuggle my baby and sleep 😉

How is your #NaNo going? Is November treating you the way you were hoping?