As you know, I’ve been taking part in slush reading for #PitchMadness – This is something I love doing, because it’s where I found my lovely agent.

It is very time consuming, and a lot of fun, and I will post more about my thoughts on this probably tomorrow.

My daughter also decided to pick Sunday to be her first fully mobile crawling day. Oh she’s crawled before. 4 steps here, 10 steps there – pulls herself up on everything anyway. But on Sunday she decided to chase the dog, then the cat, and then to crawl around by herself.

My life will never be the same.

Without further ado – here are my September goals and their progress 😀

1) Initial Outline DEV2 Sort of cheated  – this is already done lol. But it wasn’t when I signed up, so NYAH
2) Draft or Outline FIS or Other – Might, should, probably will happen
3) Complete OWM piece – Yeah… that whole inspiration thing is not working for me right now
4) Cheer on #PitchMadness – Effectively doing this, I believe
5) Read a book – Already picked and started one
6) Cheer on #Writemotivation peeps – I WILL SUCCEED at this this month
7) Keep up with Social Media & Blogging – See above

Okies – there we go. Time to go find that book I’m reading 😀

Hope September is as good for everyone else as I plan on forcing it to be for me 😉