September started out on a pretty good note, but on September 7th I woke up to the most dreaded email I’ve ever had. In fact, when I opened it I had to read it twice and it still didn’t completely register – I sort of went like this

Thank you tumbler

Dean <3

My agent had made a tough choice and decided to change career directions. This left me agentless. With a manuscript pretty much ready to go on submission as it had been for five weeks. I was devastated. Absolutely. Okay. I panicked. I pretty much spent the whole day in this state:

All the Supernatural GiFs

My lovely CP Heather C. came over right away and helped console me. And of course Leigh Caroline – what would I do without you. Together we dived into Query revisions and agent list compiling.

Then I re-read the email. And a light went on. All the Supernatural GiFs She would see if any of her agent friends might be interested in FOD. Who wouldn’t take her up on that? So… within two days I had several full manuscript referrals. One person wanted an exclusive, but I wasn’t comfortable with that, and yet she still wanted the full anyway.

So, I carefully compiled my little scrivener file and query letters. I sent out the fulls and a couple of queries for good measure. Then I received an another full request (also courtesy of my former agent – she was amazing in helping me find a new home). After sending them all out by the 10th of September, I sat back and curled into a little ball and waited. Sort of like this:

All the Supernatural GiFs

In the wee hours of the morning on September 18th, the awesome lady who requested an exclusive submission that I wouldn’t grant, sent me an Offer of Representation. Bree Ogden offered to be my agent. And she’d only had the full for eight days. I sort of looked at it and went: All the Supernatural GiFs which is sort of funny because I managed to wake my husband up who was asleep. But that’s what he’s there for, right?

Of course, then I panicked again. I had to email all of the people who had my fulls and let them know I had an offer. Which I did.

All the Supernatural GiFs

I was more polite than that, but you get the idea. On the Friday I got another declaration of interest in the book. And so I sat and waited. And then I had the call with Bree on Monday 23rd.

Bree had been ill, so we’d had to wait a little to talk. I was sooooo nervous. But the call was fantastic and she loves FOD. In fact, I swear she sees more in that book than I realized I wrote! After the call I was all:

All the Supernatural GiFs

 But I still had days to wait. So I researched even more, and double checked agencies. Then I got several bow outs.

Side Note: Bow outs are so nice! Really people only had my full for just over two weeks before I needed their decision. But I got a lot of encouragement, and well wishes and hopes to see FOD on PM soon. Made me feel marginally talented and stuff.

By the end of the given waiting period I was so excited to send Bree the signed contract! She’s passionate about FOD and absolutely perfect for me! I couldn’t be a happier author (well I could, but we’ll get there together 😉 )

I am now officially agented by Bree Ogden of the D4EO Literary Agency!

I couldn’t have held my sanity together without my CPs Leigh Caroline, Becca Weston, Heather Cashman and Jamie Dement. And definitely wouldn’t have made it to here without the support of my writing buddies: Brenda Drake, Erica Chapman, Heather Gilbert, Andrew Patterson, Sarah Henning for her query help and thanks to my new agent sister Brianna Shrum for answering so many questions too!

Now – let’s all have cupcakes!

P.S. Thanks to the All the Supernatural GiFs tumblr and mudzeh and coporolight for the awesome gifs

P.S. Thanks to the All the Supernatural GiFs tumblr and mudzeh and coporolight for the awesome gifs