August 1st – already. How did we get to August? Seriously? Anyway – time for a Roll Call!

Everyone’s name should link to their website, and their twitter handle to their twitter handle. This month, we have 17 participants! It’s great to have everyone on board. Some of our regulars appear to be on Summer hiatus 😉 Get ready to cheer each other on! ;) Just because Dino has tiny arms… doesn’t mean his teeth aren’t lethal bwah hah hah!

This was the initial sign up page if you’d like to nab the badge! Please remember to give credit for the image. If you did forget to sign up – please do so by 11:59pm CST today (August 1st) and I’ll add you to the list.

If there are any suggestions anyone has for making #writemotivation work better for them/us/writing, just let me know and I’ll try to incorporate them. I love putting my goals out there and holding myself accountable to myself 😀 I hope it works for others too.

Please note: even if you aren’t signed up for #writemotivation on the list, feel free to take part in the hashtag and cheer and be cheered. Beware of flaming zombie dinosaur NINJA cookies ;)  He might flail, but his accuracy will surprise you!

For a refresher –

The Rules:

  1. Make a list of realistic goals for the month – and achieve them.
  2. Make a Blog Post every week (preferably Monday, but if you don’t post on Mondays just add it to the next day you would normally post :D ). This is to help us keep tabs on our own progress, and for others to cheer us on if it’s a difficult week. Please link to the post in the #writemotivation hashtag
  3. Visit your #writemotivation team mates blogs, and participate in the #writemotivation hashtag to cheer people on
Name Twitter August 2013 Goals
K.T. Hanna @KTHanna 1. FOD edits – if received
2. Finish FIS worldbuilding
3. Research and Outline FIS
4. Plot FIS
5. Keep up with CP stuff
6. Write OWM Piece
7. #PitchMadness Judging!!!
8. Keep up with Social Media & Blogging
9. Cheer #Writemotivation peeps on
10. Babeh!!!!!!!
Cheyenne Campbell @chylu 1. Complete LitReactor course and apply to WIP for a CP-ready draft.
2. Polish WIP synopsis & query.
3. Keep up better with #Writemotivation cheering.
4. Query women’s fiction x3.
Candace Gauger @OkAuthor 1) Write two chapters to “Black Friday 2”. (Two chapters a month sounds reasonable enough to keep this one around)
2) Work on Dark Crystal contest submission
3) Word on edits/revisions for the last half of SoNL
4) Keep trying to exercise twice a week
5) Work on edits for “Black Friday” for republication.
6) Study the craft of writing.
7) Get art and items prepared for August Elks Swap in Pryor.
Patricia Lynne @plynne_author Continue Friday Quick FicGo through beta notes from Erin for Path of Angels 1Read two books from TBR pilePrint Out of Secrets and ink it upWrite Saturday Story Dam post
Damyanti @damyantig 1. Four blog posts a week, two on each blog.
2. 5000 words a week on the second draft of my #WIP
Jessie Lambert @jessie_writes 1.  Finish planning One to Live
2.  Query manuscript to 15 agents
3.  Paint & move furniture into apartment
4.  Gain 15 more followers on blog
Rebecca Enzor @RebeccaEnzor 1. Finish Transcribing Apollo Edits (preferably by WriteOnCon).
2. Write Apollo Query/Synopsis.
3. Edit Aleda’s Story and post it weekly.
4. Begin writing Faye and Tarrin.
Valerie Lawson @litbeing 1. Enjoy the SCBWI Summer Conference.
2. Revise, revise, revise.
3. Write, write, write.
4. Read, read, read.
5. Keep that exercise routine going. (There’s no quitting now.)
Andrew Patterson @M_A_Patterson 1) Write every day. This will be hampered by the wrist surgery, but still something I need to strive for.
2) Blog once a week.
3) Cheer on my #writemotivation tweeps
4) Read two books
Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman 1. Finish Edits for PR-S
2. Crit for B
3. Crit for Lu
4. Submit PR-Sto at least 5 agents
Jamie Dement (LadyJai) @I_am_LadyJai 1) Be Positive, Try to find the positive in every situation, no matter how small. This has got to be ALWAYS!!
2) Cheer others on with #writemotivation cookie flinging and positive thoughts! Another ALWAYS!
3) Continue writing SOMETHING, EVERYDAY! Even if I can’t work on my novel, I’ll try my hand at short stories. Whatever it is, it has to be writing! DEFINITELY ALWAYS!
4) read another book.
5) Continue submitting my short stories, “O.N.” and “S.S.”  I’ve got 3 rejections on ON and 1 on SS, let’s see how many I can get before someone accepts me. 🙂
Leigh Caroline @Leigh_Caroline 1. The usual.
2. Work on Starboard.
3. OWM.
4. (SECRET) (Will be revealed once I know more!)
4b. If SECRET thing doesn’t happen- Work on making something similar to SECRET happen.
5. Find more hours in my day to talk to the wonderful KT. <3
Rebekah Loper @RebekahLoper 1. Crit Cloudy for Eris
2. Finish my 2nd Cousin’s quilt.
3. DO NOT TOUCH CATALYST. Exception: Worldbuilding. But no writing/editing.
4. Finish “A Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss.
5. Make significant progress on getting healthy – no white flour or refined sugar for the month.
6. Reevaluate my social media “platform”.
MAJK @Safireblade 1) Finish my WIP ATR – currently at 63K words – with about 30K need to be edited
2) Maintain my anime reviews posting at least once a week – approximately 700 – 1500 words per post
3) Post a Write Motivation blog post weekly (minimum 700 words)
4) Start Serial Fiction on Blog
5) Read 4 Books a month
6) Comment on 4 group members blogs each week
Alessa Hinlo @alessahinlo 1. Draft TGD.
2. Read one novel a week.
3. Make at least 1 non-writing metric/goal blog post per week.
4. Practice yoga 3-4 days a week.
5. Keep up with all the #writemotivation peeps!
CJ Jessop @JessopCJ 1. I actually finished drafting my character arc rewrite that was supposed to be done in June, so my main goal for August is to go through and polish/line edit.
2. Write at least 1000 words a day on the sequel.
3. Actually manage to keep up with the Write Motivation posts.
Heather Jacobs @stateofego 1) keep working on WtP 2
2) write everyday
3) clean up my home
Misa Buckley @MisaBuckley 1. Edit “Erasure”
2. Read & review “Justice”
3. Read & review “Midshipman Henry Gallant”
4. Write two blog posts for Darker Temptations
Jocelyn Rish @JocelynRish 1. FINALLY finish my rewrite of The Drama Queen Who Cried Wolf.

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered.

Also – if you haven’t yet joined our G+ group. Dooo eeeet.

Otherwise! Have a fantastic August. This month is going to be fantastic! Remember to pop on over and say hi to your fellow goal pursuers on their blogs!

Let’s all kick goal butt! 😀