August has been one hell of a hectic month for me. I should have known that vacation was only going to make more work for me in the long run. Isn’t it always the way?

Regardless, I’m quite happy with what I got done. And hope September is a better month. Here’s my August list as it stands now and in a couple of days:

1. FOD edits – if received DONE DONE DONEITY DONE
2. Finish FIS worldbuilding – pretty much done

3. Research and Outline FIS – instead I outlined DEV2 FUR 😉
4. Plot FIS – nope
5. Keep up with CP stuff – I think I’m succeeding here?
6. Write OWM Piece – posted You should READ IT 🙂
7. #PitchMadness Judging!!! – ERMAGERD In the process of – will be done
8. Keep up with Social Media & Blogging – overall yes
9. Cheer #Writemotivation peeps on – I suck so sorry, but I’ve been trying!!!
10. Babeh!!!!!!! Well, duh

I had a good month overall, but the vacation threw Kami’s sleep schedule off and were going to have to devise a way to get her back to her sleep through the night ways or else I’m never going to get any writing done.

Don’t worry, I have a plan 😉

Also if you’ve not signed up for September #writemotivation, you can do so HERE.

How was your August?