Now I’ve been really bad with my #writemotivation so far this month. Largely because, well, we went on vacation and that always throws me lol

I’ve had a lot on my plate, and undertook a pretty unrealistic list for myself this month, despite what I always tell everyone about being realistic – I know I’m never good at taking my own advice lol

1. FOD edits – if received DONE DONE DONEITY DONE
2. Finish FIS worldbuilding – pretty much done
3. Research and Outline FIS – research yessish, outline not yet
4. Plot FIS – nope
5. Keep up with CP stuff – I think I’m succeeding here?
6. Write OWM Piece – drafted
7. #PitchMadness Judging!!! – ERMAGERD I think I’ll post about this
8. Keep up with Social Media & Blogging – mmmmm next please
9. Cheer #Writemotivation peeps on – I suck so sorry, but I’m back!!!
10. Babeh!!!!!!! Well, duh

I’m not failing completely, but I do hope to catch up and redeem myself on some of these points in the next two weeks

Also – the USA gymnastic championships were this weekend just gone which equals me glued to the screen. And Kami attended her first birthday party. And she’s getting far too mobile!!! So my weeks are just not stopping.

I swear days are hiding a couple of hours from me. DAMN YOU DAYS, GIVE THEM BACK.

So I hope to get a Pitchmadness post up this week, as well as a sign up sheet for September 🙂

How is everyone else doing? I still refuse to admit August is over half done. Can’t be, not possible lol.