Hi thar.

Yes. I said thar. Because I can. Also, because I’m dead tired.

This week has been one of the more hectic weeks ever. We’re getting the floors upstairs done starting today, Monday. This meant we had to move everything out of the living, ktichen and dining room either to the garage or else to the bedrooms upstairs, or into the basement. We did this all Saturday and Sunday.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like a lot, keep in mind that we’re also heading out  on Vacation on Thursday morning. While the floor guys are still here. They’ll be staining the floors Thurs and Friday. So, we can’t really use the upstairs all week. Hence, we had to move all our clothes etc downstairs as well. And food. And bathroom stuff. And everything we have to take on vacation.

Knowing we had to do all of this was bad enough.

And then I got FOD edits from agent of awesome. LOL. I’m a sucker for punishment.

So, let’s take a look at those August goals shall we?

1. FOD edits – if received – AND DONE
2. Finish FIS worldbuilding – in the process of
3. Research and Outline FIS – in the process of
4. Plot FIS – end of the month
5. Keep up with CP stuff – getting this under wraps! Sending J some notey stuff!
6. Write OWM Piece – Yeah… not even started
7. #PitchMadness Judging!!! – end of August!
8. Keep up with Social Media & Blogging – trying and failing, but I’ll get there!
9. Cheer #Writemotivation peeps on – I do try!
10. Babeh!!!!!!! – well duh!

So, even though it doesn’t look like I’ve done much yet – trust me, I have. Editing an 80k novel counts as MUCH!

How has your August been so far? Crazy busy, or just crazy?

Also – Kami has decided babies don’t need to sleep… Yay me!