July 1st – the start of another #writemotivation goal check month for 2013.

Everyone’s name should link to their website, and their twitter handle to their twitter handle. This month, we have 17 participants! It’s great to have everyone on board. Get ready to cheer each other on! ;) Dino has  bionic dino arms. Don’t ask. But you may have to duck. He’s very accurate now 😉

This was the initial sign up page if you’d like to nab the badge! Please remember to give credit for the image. Also – no more sign ups for this month.

If there are any suggestions anyone has for making #writemotivation work better for them/us/writing, just let me know and I’ll try to incorporate them. I love putting my goals out there and holding myself accountable to myself 😀 I hope it works for others too.

Please note: even if you aren’t signed up for #writemotivation on the list, feel free to take part in the hashtag and cheer and be cheered. Beware of flaming zombie dinosaur cheerleader flying cookies ;) I’m sure we had something new come up this past month, didn’t we?

For a refresher –

The Rules:

  1. Make a list of realistic goals for the month – and achieve them.
  2. Make a Blog Post every week (preferably Monday, but if you don’t post on Mondays just add it to the next day you would normally post :D ). This is to help us keep tabs on our own progress, and for others to cheer us on if it’s a difficult week. Please link to the post in the #writemotivation hashtag
  3. Visit your #writemotivation team mates blogs, and participate in the #writemotivation hashtag to cheer people on
Name Twitter July 2013 Goals
K.T. Hanna @KTHanna 1. Finish FOD edits
2. Draft Experiment
3. Outline edits for AI
4. Do CP work for J & H
5. Write OWM piece for this month
6. Pick next OWM prompt
7. Keep up with Social Media and Blogs
8. Mwah – Babeh!
Elizabeth Laughlin @teenagewriter97 1. Get started on my very first novel
2. Write/read every day
3. Communicate actively with twitter users
4. Give good feedback on others’ work
5. Find contests to enter
6. Stick with my novel and DON’T GET SIDETRACKED
Rebekah Loper @RebekahLoper #1 – Catalyst re-write for Camp NaNo
#2 – Crit Cloudy for Eris
#3 – Read “A Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss – 900 pages, people. This is totally an allowable goal.
#4 – Survive the uncle & family coming to visit, and MOM GOING OUT OF TOWN THE NEXT WEEK. The goal is literally DO NOT DIE OR HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.
Candace Gauger @okauthor Same as June, but with less studying and one more goal:1) Set SoNL aside until feedback from critiques and betas are in on the first half of the novel
2) Focus on Black Friday 2. Get at least two chapters written.
3) Keep up the job search. Four interviews minimum for the month of June
4) Get at least 10K on a submission for the Dark Crystal prequel for a contest for Dark Crystal.
5) Exercise twice a week. (I mean it this time!)
Heather Jacobs @stateofego (1) Cheer on all the amazing people participating in #WriteMotivation
(2) Blog my weekly updates plus one other blog each week.
(3) Finish another round of edits of WtP#1 by July 10th.
(4) Keep working on WtP#2.
Patricia Lynne @plynne_author Keep up with the 100 word Friday Quick Fic.
Hopefully, I will have notes back from people who volunteered to beta for me so go over those.
Finish organizing Snapshots’ birthday bash and party!
Either edit a WIP or start new story idea.
Jamie Dement (LadyJai) @I_am_LadyJai 1) Be Positive, Try to find the positive in every situation, no matter how small.  This has got to be ALWAYS!!
2) Cheer others on with #writemotivation cookie flinging and positive thoughts!   Another ALWAYS!
3) Continue writing SOMETHING, EVERYDAY! Even if I can’t work on my novel, I’ll try my hand at short stories. Whatever it is, it has to be writing!  DEFINITELY ALWAYS!
4) find something to blog about other than these Update posts. I did a few. Not nearly as much as I’d like. But, I’m currently working on a blog post that may be a bit controversial in nature. But oh well. If you love me, you’ll accept my views and love me anyway, right? That’s what friends do.
5) read another book.
6) Continue submitting my short story, “O.N.” I’ve got 3 rejections, let’s see how many I can get before someone accepts me. 🙂
Andrew Patterson @M_A_Patterson 1) Try to write every day or do something involving writing (really didn’t do that in June and ended up flopping around like a dying goldfish)
2) Finish up my beta read (if I don’t finish it before the end of June)
3) Cheer my #writemotivation pals on.
Amy Ravenel @AmyRav 1) Edit WHITE SPIRIT to the halfway point.2) Work on it every day.
Serena Saint-Marceaux @SerenaMarceaux 1) One out of every four stories written for Camp NaNo to be an original work
2) Make my Camp NaNo goal!
3) At least one book review post on the blog every week
4) Make some measurable progress on my list of critiquing
Lissa Clouser @LissaClouser 1) Write for at least 3 hours every week
2) Finish half of my crit for TSB
3) Finish a solid first draft for the introduction of Super-Secret-RRFS-Proj​ect: 2014
4) Write 1 entry every week in my personal journal
5) Send out at least 1 new submission
Michelle @MichellePierce 1) Camp NaNo! Write 30,000 words on the urban fantasy.
2) Complete upcoming posts for RRFS blog.
3) Read at least 2 books.
4) Post to the BNC blog at least twice a week.
Valerie Lawson @litbeing 1. Submit Institutionalized (YA contemporary) to five more literary agents.
2. While participating in Camp NanoWriMo, write at least 50K towards first draft of Pretty Vacant (YA contemporary). (Yay, camp!)
3. Read at least five more books – review one on the blog.
4. Finish critique of friend’s manuscript. (Hopefully by her birthday midway through the month!)
5. Exercise 4 times each week.
Leigh Caroline @Leigh_Caroline 1. The standard ones-Crits, walking, reading.
2. Work on the heavy lifting on SW
3. Keep up on OWM.
(Keeping it simple this month, with the schedule change!)
Cheyenne Campbell @chylu 1. Finish paper revision of WIP.
2. Read-through of revision changes.
3. Send to 2 betas/CPs.
4. Beta reading for J & A.
5. Query SOMEBODY new version x 5.
6. Draft WIP query & synopsis.
Jessie Lambert @jessie_writes 1.  Write 50,000 words in 25 days (enter Camp NaNo)
2.  Read at least 3 books
3.  Query my manuscript to 10+ agents
4.  Gain 15 new followers on my blog
5.  Clear out second bedroom and organize kitchen in preparation for new roommate
 Heather Cashman  @HeatherCashman 1) One blog post per week.
2) Visit twitter three times per week.
3) Eat some cookies.
4) Finish my final edits for WIP, THE PANDORA REVERSAL: SHIFTER.

We have a few newbies this month. Make sure to make them feel welcome and fling dino cookies with ninja accuracy at them 😀

If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered.

Also – if you haven’t yet joined our G+ group. Dooo eeeet.

Otherwise! Have a fantastic July. This month is going to be fantastic! Remember to check back here Friday – I have awesome things planned for my second Blogaversary!!!

Let’s all kick goal butt! 😀