July wasn’t as much of a success as I wanted it to be. Sometimes, I think I just run out of steam. Feeling a little overwhelmed among other things. But you know how it goes. On the bright side, Kami is pulling herself up – that’s bright, right? RIGHT?

Anyway – moving right along

1. Finish FOD edits OMG DONE and sent to awesome agent
2. Draft Experiment – draft started… I reached 25k, determined that I can write it, but don’t enjoy it. Success.
3. Outline edits for AI – Won’t be doing this for a few months. I will now be outlining AYW instead :D
4. Do CP work for J & H – Finishing off J notes. H in progress
5. Write OWM piece for this month – Rough drafted, tweaking now
6. Pick next OWM prompt – PICTURE PICKED!!!
7. Keep up with Social Media and Blogs – Both Social Media and blogs have been slightly neglected. But I think I got to everyone at least once
8. Mwah – Babeh! – well DUH

Now 3 is sort of done, because AYW now known as FIS has had a hel of a lot of worldbuilding completed 😀

My goals for August may be a little too lofty as I have a family vacation to go on, but here’s hoping I manage most of it.

One thing I have to do is draw the line at accepting anything else to crit before I finish what I currently have on my plate.

How was your July?

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