Don’t get me wrong. I definitely have #Writemotivation, but lately, that’s all I have time for. My days just seem to melt into each other after a few hours up at night so I can get editing or writing done…and then I need a midday nap with baby.

Time, time, where for art thou time?

Anyhow. Even though time is magically disappearing… constantly, I’ve still managed to get some things accomplished.

So let’s see then, shall we?

1. Finish FOD edits OMG DONE and sent to awesome agent
2. Draft Experiment – outline complete
3. Outline edits for AI – may not do this
4. Do CP work for J & H – J almost finished, H started
5. Write OWM piece for this month – Rough drafted
6. Pick next OWM prompt – PICTURE PICKED!!!
7. Keep up with Social Media and Blogs – Social Media, CHECK. Blogs – I’m a slacker.
8. Mwah – Babeh! – well DUH

Now 3 – I may not do this because this book needs so much work it’s disheartenting. And mainly because I cut the crap out of it in the first round of edits, and IMHO ruined my book. Good news? I can just revert to draft one again and go from there if I want to… Bad News? I may need to start it in an entirely different way which means a partial rewrite

And I’d rather focus on FOD, Experiment, and the other 50 plotbunnies plaguing my every waking thought.

Which probably means AI, while not trunked, might have to wait until I’m in the right mood to tackle the mess I created.

That’s how I’ve been going.

And let’s totally ignore my lack of #Writemotivation cheering 🙁

I’m so sorry. I’ll get my act into gear and go and hug every single one of you. You’re all so awesome.

How is your July?

Oh, and don’t forget, if you’re querying or about to start, enter my giveaway!